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Business 251 views Aug 04, 2015
To glorify bracelets bracelets zero charge, conveniently put

  The glory of the bracelet zero using the magnet adsorption type charging, the charging plug is similar to the stethoscope, it has four copper contact. And compared to insert MicroUSB interface,xiaomi mi3 review need to find the direction of magnetic suction charging interface is more convenient, basically can realize blind operation. As long as you are close enough, the hand ring main body and the charging interface will be "cut" on. As for the strength of the magnetic adsorption, the author think that can prove one thing.
   Since a single charge time is limited, so can quickly add capacity can yet be regarded as a way to solve the problem of life. Glory bracelet zero charging speed was quite good. Use a built-in charging socket to connect the computer USB charging case, literally play computer for a while of kung fu is from 10% to 90%, after all, the battery capacity is only one part of dozens of mobile phones.

   To glorify bracelets bracelets zero charge, conveniently put his hand into the edge of the table, right hand mouse operation a ring accidentally put his hand to touch the bottom go to, also good charging a linexiaomi mi4 review on a host computer at the edge of the table, hand ring, together with the magnetic socket is suspended in the air.   Intelligent hand ring due to the small size, battery capacity is small, the battery life can also become an important standard to judge the performance of. Glory bracelet zero battery capacity is 70 mah, according to official figures say its ordinary use time for 3 days, standby time for 14 days. In the aspect of standby time more than the previous generation product huawei B2 out two days.xiaomi redmi review Want to know, for a bracelet with a display screen, want to increase the battery life is difficult. 

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