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Business 215 views Aug 03, 2015
glory zero after the author found that the original concise th

 Although and common disc watches are very similar, but not honor ring zero hand ring and crown, buttons and other ancillary components, has just started when the author found that seems to be under reviewing in addition to click on the screen, and have no other way to operate. Glory bracelet zero subject is the onlymeizu key boot/reset function keys, located at the base of the dial charge very hidden place beneath the interface. Glory bracelet zero subject adopt symmetrical arc, edge thickness thinning, compared with the same width as the up and down the watch for added a frivolous fashion sense.
   Wear method the author did not want to go into too much, believe seen appearance figure, since the childhood with a "electronic watch" friends can be started immediately. It is worth mentioning that glory bracelet zero wristbands toughness is good, may need to be in the process of wear in the chest auxiliary, but one hand wear is not a problem.
   In terms of the current intelligent hand ring products, the market can be roughly divided into no screen series and series of screens, each have an advantage to outdo each other. Since glory bracelet www.meizu-mx5.comzero is equipped with a display screen, so on the function implementation is more intuitive. Smartphones used concurrently at the same time, the author still full of expectation on basic functions. Glory bracelet zero shows the vertical screen UI design, hand can light up the screen, the author found that in the practical trial held to the front of the wrist at a time, there will be a short delay, the design should be to avoid excessive movement range caused by wrong operation.
   Use glory zero after the author found that the original concise than its appearance design, joint function display and operation mode is simplified to an extreme. The way of operation, except in the condition of black screen click wake only up and down the slide switch interface as well as in any community oriented slide right meizu-mx5.comback to the parent menu. Screen display, sliding up and down through the fingers can see time step, respectively, burn calories, sleep, exercise, such as interface, the main screen will display the bluetooth connection status, power, time and date. Each interface has the corresponding animation, let users under the premise that the watch specification can also be clear at a glance.

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