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Business 245 views Jul 29, 2015
GTX950M asus, showing a journeying adventure FX - Plus evaluat

 The touch pad used the integration of the machine design, distinguish between left and right buttons to use a vertical bar, the red package edge around the touchpad to add a lot of class meizu mx5 Moreover in terms of touch, and overall is very good, but the integration of the touchpad compared with the traditional key about separate touchpad, feel is slightly less common.
   Core i7 4720 hq processor. This is a BGA encapsulation of mobile quad-core i7 products, belong to the Haswell products platform, based on the 22 nm process, using four core design and supporting hyper-threading to eight threads, the core code for Haswell - MB, the default frequency of 2.6 GHz support frequency to 3.4 GHz, level 3 6 MB cache, TDP for 47 w.
   Know about the basic information of the processor, we adopt CINEBENCH R11.5 and R15 series software for its performance evaluation, the software can theory to analyze the feedback rendering capabilities of the processor, the core i7 4720 hq processor soon finished all the test contents, eventually R11.5 get 7.33 PTS, R15 590 cbmeizu mx5, belongs to the high-end models mobile processors. For the comprehensive performance of the machine hardware test tools, we choose PCMARK 8 the test model for Creative accelerated and Home accelerated, the final test results are for reference only. Asus FX - Plus  Home mode score is 3135, scored 3945 and Creative mode, ideal.
   We simply look at asus FX - Plus carry GTX950M performance situation. The GTX950M graphics using GM107 maxwell's core, has 640 stream processors, 16 grating, 40 texture units, central frequency is 993 MHZ,meizu mx4 pro with 4 GB memory capacity, loan is 28.8 GB/S, is now very hot mobile GPU products. Below we use 3 dmark11 and 3 dmark the latest edition of the two graphics test tool to test its theoretical performance level.

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