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Business 218 views Jul 29, 2015
FX - Plus is a 15.6 -inch action this product, assistance 1920

   Part perspective, FX - Plus can't be ultra-thin products, but on the overall size control is outstanding, the fuselage benefits using a certain hill design, make the consumer encounter the fuselage is thinner, not uncomfortable. FX - Plus at the end of the design is very apparent, at the end of battery power pack used detachable design,xiaomi mi3 review the top side panel apart after can alternative or upgrade a wide range of elements. Moreover, under the end of the place design for several places of cooling gap, can help to get outstanding cooling system efficiency, make sure the continuous operate in the process of system in the encounter.

   The mounds on the roof in the middle of light shade of this product is established like a secure, the ASUS and war miracle of logo, a few simple framework eye-catching review of uninhibited personality. Overall with combination components, place secured with collections framework, sleek convenience.

    FX - Plus is a 15.6 -inch action this product, assistance 1920 x 1080 full hd qualityxiaomi mi4 review, apply side panel to make it in relatively powerful light line can have outstanding noticeable encounter. Right now the encounter of this product, the size of the 15.6 inches wide is the popular, not only has outstanding noticeable encounter, and can have a outstanding flexibility, mature laptop bag can put down.
    With former development FX50JK is different, the product of the energy key is unseen in the small place above, the same as the ROG series G58J, etc. Key-board design with the sweets, the restoration durability a little bit sleek,xiaomi redmi review method key journey usually a little bit more time, the overall encounter is still outstanding. Left-hand ends design on their six effective indication, the icon is already very apparent, there is no more here.

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