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Business 194 views Jul 27, 2015
Great god note3 can set five finger prints, each finger mark

   Great god note3 can set five finger prints, each finger marks can be used to start up, finger marks click, a key quickly, started out use of the four features. Among them, the customer can showxiaomi mi3 review out in a state of launch digital camera by finger marks identification, and through contact the back of the fuselage images of finger marks identification area.   In the first use of finger marks identification, the customer needs to get into digital rule or design rule for a stormy day. It is value referring to that the excellent god note3 feedback finger marks is very quick, only a few times contact media. In start finger marks revealed at the same time, the excellent god note3 still can let the customer to choose equipment secure notice how to show, this is very humanization. 
    Speed-dial can also be a key contact a call by finger marks identification.meizu mx4 pro review It is value referring to that the customer can also set up the finger marks to start the specified program, even in the case of quenched show can immediate to start up the program. In working experience, the excellent god note3 finger marks identification is quick enough, and no wait.
   In the excellent god note3, also has a finger marks secure operate, customers can set certain program performance or need to start up by finger marks to issue, such as digital camera, schedule, WeChat can increase themeizu m2 note review finger marks secure alone, further improve the customer's comfort.

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