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Business 258 views Jul 26, 2015
glory when splattering in the encounter picture without any car

  Video play-back capability of glory 7 we use full 1080 p hd movie in 15 analyze, results revealed that all 15 passage movie can use the built-in local players perform, such as two passage nomeizu mx5 review sound two a little bit caton, overall performance is very good. The size of the mobile brilliant make most people listen to songs from the portable international airport CD or MP3 into mobile phones, so songs enjoying ability has become the focus concern of the customers, also take a look at how glory 7 in terms of songs play-back.
   Wonder 7 based on shrimp is built-in songs online songs segments, as long as there is a system connection in the surroundings can be wandering in the songs world. Wonder, setting of related functions, 7 provides search lines, while paying attention to save and sleep method to support up to 90 minutes instantly closed off the sweet songs Configurations.
   The first is to get to the Online encounter, the author of 7 carry glory internet browser was tested. First start a computer edition of sina homepage, in wi-fi system atmosphere, the site load faster, basic webxiaomi redmi review component moreover to be part of the operate block the ads are revealed. And then start the web edition of youku, choose to perform videos clip, movie play-back process sleek, great highly synchronized. Above we mentioned the glory 7 designed into the sea, the latest edition of kirin 935 processer, we also know that in the extensive assessment of its strong strength. So in activity examining link we directly with huge and medium-sized activity to analyze, they are "riptide luxury boat 2" and "the best rate 2015 most wanted".
   The bit-torrent luxury boat 2 many of the impact of apply 4 sprinkle, glory when splattering in the encounter picture without any card. "The best rate 2015 most wanted" is a huge rushing car rushing activity, when the routine used in the decrease also keep sleek. Wonder, of course, the biggest selling feature of 7, perceptive soul key we also don't forget, perceptive soul key can have what impact on entertainment? Nature is a quick operate. Intellectual soul button just click, double-click,xiaomi mi4 review and length can be personalized according to the operate, in this case, the customer can describes songs, activities, such as strategies to perceptive soul connection. So paying attention to songs, browsing the Online, enjoying a key can finish, from a lot of complicated operate.
Glory is above 7 enjoyment encounter, through the analyze we see close to life, both movie and audio, browse the Online or a sport, glory 7 can carry customers can encounter to the extreme, the excellent qualities of kirin 935 processer also got to show. In inclusion glory 7 more convenient consumer encounter and unique perceptive soul key operate.

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