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Business 186 views Jul 23, 2015
From philips S396, we see a modification of the old producer

  Vellamo by Qualcomm, Qualcomm developed a benchmarking application (similar to Neocore), it can let you to assess the performance and balance of the cellular web browser, meizu mx5 specssuch as Coffee program performance, making, social media, and user interface, etc. The result of the tool also includes several items, but we only take quality, the greater the ranking is mobile cellphone, the greater the degree of the marketing of the web browser web surfing around encounter is better.
ary: Vellamo assessments ratings and other models comparison connected to method stage, for S396 doubtful friend can be confident .
   Mobile phones as a everyday electronic products, the significance of the consumer encounter is self-evident normally. The writer use philips S396 this time period, also gradually sensation themeizu mx5 review maker to make changes. Appearance design, neither too serious procedure, with no copycats realize pop elements. Although is not the most wonderful cellphone compared with its previous product, philips S396 yan value still won the high assessment.
   Settings, since the primary stage of one thousand yuan, can say S396 configuration to deal with everyday life need enough. After philips decorate UI while staying small faults, but style reliability to do it well. On the primary function of the autodyne, 8 thousand front-facing camera is the greatest shiny spot, but we can also see, inner beauty of software set less sensation as take mobile cellphone use is almost mean. Taken together, the writer believes that can see philips released such a cellphone is pleased, but details are still have a big room to improve.    Vellamo as a cellular web tools range, has now extended to include two primary segments. HTML 5 component can be used to assess performance of cellular web internet explorer,meizu mx5 price and Steel component for cellular processor chips CPU subsystem of performance statistic. Test package by simply simply clicking the box, convenient and quick, manage component, Vellamo to search to zoom capability, 3 d design, video performance, write and read memory, data transfer useage in many factors, such as optimum performance assessment. Score summ

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