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Business 220 views Jul 23, 2015
philips S396 is more comply with the $one million stage settin

  The components settings, philips S396 is more comply with the $one million stage settings. MTK6735P processer with 1 gb of memory, 8 gb storage and fuselage top assistance 32 gb In daily use and considering that it is a primary women users of cellular mobile phones, this settings is fine. Let's use a few analyze application to see how philips S396 efficiency.

   Run factors summary: just run from the opinions, the efficiency of philips S396 is not a top, but first run factors do not signify experience, the writer think S396 function in practical use is sleek, run big games did not display apparent caton phenomenon; At the same time, the referrals S396 one million yuan stage alignment and components settings, this is pretty ranking.   Using Ann bunny rabbit run factors analyze is a common way of examining the overall high top quality cellular cellphone, run factors can outcome in a certain level, response cellular cellphone all the top quality but we don't have to worry about operating consequently, the data are for referrals only, actual use also need to give concern to with personal emotions. Philips S396 currently does not assistance the newest edition of AnTuTu v5.7.1 analyze, so the writer USES the v5.6.1 previously edition. Angola bunny and during analyze test ratings display did not qualified (should be a design too new has yet to get into the database), so the analyze ratings are for referrals only. 
   CPU - Z is a widely used analyze application, the application can identify primary CPU primary volts, process, name, icon, caching, bus speed, port type and other information, is a extensive components recognition meizu mx4 pro reviewapplication. Let's use it to get a extensive understanding of the signs of philips S396.

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