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Business 231 views Jul 19, 2015
Carrizo has eight GCN primary, the third creation 512 KB of di


   In HSA structure, present the perspective changes to the primary of the GPU. GPU there are two kinds of handling process, a type of design, one type is visual computation. Graphic uplink downlinkmeizu mx4 pro review information is very huge, will take too much time storage space, so launch this part of the process area, visual computation, it is called "task preemption beforehand". Modification in the perspective of the visual handling, information is relatively little, so it can be like in the CPU primary, store them, let all the GPU handling discussing is the primary of the GPU.

 Carrizo has eight GCN primary, the third creation 512 KB of discussing the second level storage space cache, better surface area segmentation efficiency. HSA can let all handling unit Distributed exclusive storage space space. In terms of efficiency, increase the area of the storage space cache, you can better use of GCN primary.

   And HSA a function is more smooth and wide dealing with area, so each process can attract on this address, can let an area be started out. With HSA can not lose details, also need not only a structure to provide a structure. Wants to get the unique effect, can be done by devices will be able to, can see the whole image. With HSA, performers can be keep clear idea, for the movie can be according to their own ideas to do the modifying.    Present system design is generally have with very large storage, CPU and GPU is very little. To modify a movie in the movie industry has a situation, either choose one of segments, a structure of a structure to do more detail and details. Or with low does not pay attention to details, beautiful feeling go on longer segments to provide the making.