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Business 267 views Jul 15, 2015
the first official overall look of this technological innovati

 All discuss mouth area dream, that is why we will also put together three of the most associate designs, a excellent evaluation, and for the individual very psychological animals, overall look is meizu mx5 reviewa must to consider, after all, this is an era of a experience. , of course, before that, I still have a need to describe, 2 k has 2.5 D display although the transmission amount is greater than other three more associate, and also on efficient than other three kinds of display, so we have in this post only for structure display, curved display, and digital ink display.
   First we take a look at the boundary of the display, its associate Nubia Z9. Nubia Z9 showed up really let a person glow at this time, this is without limitations display ever to see the item in the center of the sci-fi movie. Will tell from the overall look, because there is no on both ends of the boundary, so the percentage of the whole style is very long,meizu mx5 specs and the whole display visible impact and sensation of technological innovation are the three kinds of the most awesome display technological innovation. And special offers is not just a visible impact, Nubian for it the whole part also gifted with more sensation of body operate, after this is also our important focus.
   After we take a look at the new samsung GALAXY S6 advantage surface area of the display, the tight sensation, this should be known as a hyperboloid display, because the first official overall look of this technological innovation is on the GALAXY Observe advantage, is just a part surface area, while the S6 on either part of the advantage is curved surface area, which also creates the display type a finish surface area, on the sensation and visible sensation of technological innovation also has a excellent efficiency, especially let virgo have new bravery. , of course, in a sensation on the efficiency is appropriate, and also no unambiguous with regards to performance.
   Last overall look is audio YotaPhone2 has triggered a lot of conversation, www.meizu-mx5.comthis cellphone is the second passage of this sequence of items, both in components requirements and overall look style with traveling, the whole device has like stones usually curved information, beneficial and not a lot of different acting, stage ii except for more than a display on the back, because of the fog the gorilla cup, along with a curved processer is organised the whole efficiency is very excellent, but also very visible, that has always been known for its strong "battle" is really very unusual.

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