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Business 217 views Jul 15, 2015
Area ink without boundaries Three good "screen" cell cellphone

    A couple weeks ago we performed a set of questions study, there are such a study had to say since 2015 on various on the display, the design of credit score. Especially rounded surface display and without meizu mx4 pro reviewboundaries of the two display technological innovation attention is quite great, this also let us later on of display technological innovation has more more vivid perspective.
    Let us take a look at the actual life, of course, the current new things, after we have content for every unique display from the factors of technological innovation. Nowadays, we have to see what these displays can carry us.

    These four types of display technological innovation is by far the most associate, so to talk, but also have a very sensitive connection between them, such as surface display and structure this is definitely new, and from idea to huge manufacturing today really not simple. For 2 k and 2.5 D display they are more like display technological innovation regularly version of the "normal" item, currently the biggest reputation, and will tell from the technological perspective is not high; For e ink display this is an mature technological innovation, but also really is something new on a cell cellphone program.   

  First of all, we still take a look at the set of questions outcomes, from the outcomes of the growing of the three types of display technological innovation, Web customers in the most appealing is without boundaries display, on which the associate designs for Nubia Z9. In second, rounded display, its associate designs is new samsung GALAXY S6 advantage, directly at 0.64% followed by 2 k and 2.5 D display, because these two types of technological innovation program variety is very extensive meizu mx5and adulthood and reputation have relatively great, there is no unique associate designs, but in contrast to other more typical some; And the last one is e ink display, the display technological innovation of associate designs of YotaPhone2. 

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