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Business 198 views Jul 13, 2015
VOOC display asking for different many device providers have ap

    According to our previous test, this is now the fastest a fast price way; Ten moments of asking for quantity can accomplish 28%, 30 minutes can accomplish 75%. But with the whole programmeizu mx5 review is different from other fast price program, so the OPPO VOOC display is not suitable with other mobile mobile phone, and must use their special display electrical use.

   According to the system of power v x = existing, VOOC display asking for different many device providers have applied the boost mobile mobile phone asking for v fast price way of thinking, but take the existing technique of rise. Different from general manufacturers use 5 v / 1 a identical form of asking for, OPPO Find 7 used for 5 v and 5 a low v high existing asking for technique.
   VOOC display two different elements design of filling program - 7 connect meizu mx5 specsmicro USB interface and 8 metal contact battery power power and corresponding internal MCU circuit; Battery parts can be recognized as A sequence of common two products of battery power power development, determine according to the result of 5 A, VOOC display filling is quite so in with 2.5 A existing for the two products of battery power power. 

   2.0, just like the Quick Cost Force Show release of Quick Cost technology is also a program for manufacturers, from mediatek; The Force can Show for smartphone or product price a chance to save your time and effort www.meizu-mx5.comand effort as much as 50%. Force Show technology on PMIC power management integrated trip and DC battery charger, moreover also has the technology Plus edition, at the moment has been MT6575, MT6732 mediatek's program, such as the meizu MX5 mCharge is using the technology.

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