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Business 208 views Jul 12, 2015
it implemented is 21 thousand p IMX230 SONY cameras

   At present, the demand for Web customers more and more, meizu m2 note reviewthe EUI built-in tracking program traffic utilization, and can make the program access to online. It is worth referring to that Max have dual card dual stay operate, so customers can the two SIM CARDS tracking and control, respectively. Configurations interface can also be for systems and program control, respectively. Moreover, the LeCloud also can real-time synchronization memo, schedule, internet browser, connections, and synchronization in WiFi environment picture.

   Le than Max 1 / experienced 1 Pro has improved significantly in the camera, it implemented is 21 thousand p IMX230 SONY cameras, simultaneously also have PDAF operate, can bring customers concentrate speed is faster.meizu mx4 pro review Moreover, still have the OIS visual picture stabilizing, 6 p lens, blue cup narrow, pearl cup, F / 2.0 aperture and HDR software and components.

   In the aspect of the basic features, improve the EUI also enough. We can see in the cellphone screen, its a silence, documenting, hands-free, maintain commonly used features. Moreover, due to its operate of phone book, can identify the required not only the cellphone, also can get immediate when received related information. When driving and undesirable function, also can have speech control breath speech associate, such as switch the cellphone.

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