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Business 222 views Jul 10, 2015
the eye identification technological innovation Fujitsu ARROWS

   Before customer feedback, will present a brief eye details documented trial movement, provided that you follow one of the key points with respect to OK.   The location of the first cell mobile phones to sight meizu mx4and flat, zheng big sight, like trial movement let his sight, the two sectors set customer interface, cell mobile phones and the distance of the facial probably stay in 25 cm can finish the eye details feedback. School atmosphere needed for inside daylight, of course, don't have glare disturbance to the eye access.
    By the way, could you also look at the day recording medium ITmedia Fujitsu ARROWS NX F - 04 g eye start up the trial movie, really provided that when of it. At this time of he part in the past for your cell cellphone to finish the start up. Carefully on the display in it clip, you will find in the eye identification, the first half of the lock display does notmeizu mx4 pro appear we proven in the photo in front of the structure. Yes, the structure can be turned off. Considering someone will think "hate to start up a cellphone just why the customer interface proven in my own sight good shy", so the Fujitsu, modify the structure is available for customers to start or closed set.

   Look at the below pick up the eye identification technological innovation Fujitsu ARROWS NX F - 04 g how to feedback the eye details. Have special eye identification app in the cell cellphone as the entry, after coming into can see matters needing attention. When including the eye details, make sure to inside atmosphere, and start hole type, this is to ensure the meizu m1precision of the details documented.
   In addition, the customer can also select to select to be sight access or monocular access. Although recommended customers into sight, from the perspective of precision but considering some customers might exist ocular disorders, one part of the eye identification difficult problem, therefore also signed up with the monocular eye access in the cell cellphone model.