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Business 235 views Jul 10, 2015
the Fujitsu prototype of the eye recognition technological inno

   MWC2015 in Spain this year, we saw the Fujitsu prototype of the eye recognition technological innovation. At the time of the eye recognition equipment is installed by means of following in ordinary Android phones,meizu on-site staff also told I just put on the type a complete set of eye recognition components, any cellphone can realize eye unlock function. Fujitsu, of course, will not put such technological innovation application on the following from such components, so a few months after MWC, Fujitsu, their eye recognition cellphone was born.

  And Fujitsu, eye recognition is different, above the screen Settings are infra-red LED and infra-red cameras. When the feedback eye details, through the infra-red leds to illuminate eye, at the same time by infra-red digicam photography,meizu m2 note record the feedback details of eye. The mammals like fingerprints, eye has obvious individual differences, with the naked eye cannot identify infra-red mild, infra-red cameras will be a reflection of the human eye in infra-red mild line, and comparing with the entry of the eye details in advance, if both agree, will be for cell cellphone revealed.
   Simply, the difference of eye recognition and eye recognition, you can see frommeizu mx3 the feedback interface, eye recognition of eyeball ID feedback interface is colorful, with regular front-facing digicam for; The eye details feedback interface is grayscale, through special infra-red cameras.

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