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Business 203 views Jul 08, 2015
Apple built-in HD 4600 video card

   The whole device components settings information :meizu mx4The device with mq processer, Apple primary i7-4710 depending on 22 nm process technology; Assumes the design of four atomic eight line quicker 2.5 GHz, regularity of 3.5 GHz, l3 storage cache 6 m, overall TDP (power consumption) of 47 w.

  Showing a good: the real activity efficiency : Awesome monster A5-781 sn preparedmeizu mx4 pro with NVIDIA GeForce GTX950M distinct design and Apple built-in HD 4600 video card, efficiency for activity how, see the following specific assessments.
   Through the real analyze, cool monster A5-781 sn in 3 dmark 11 P method design ranking is 4448 factors, and X equipment visual ranking is 1442 factors. In accordance with the data of the distinct design efficiency is excellent,meizu m1for everyday perform need to big games for enjoyment, many basic no problem. Due to heat range specialist is in addition to some trouble lately, so heat range heat analyze we will be included at a later time.

   For the extensive efficiency of the device components analyze resources, we choose PCMARK 8 this analyze design for Home but lastly analyze results for 2750 minutes, are part of the popular of the market and in the in the end, meizu m1 noteto fulfill the everyday need most of the perform and enjoyment.

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