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Business 239 views Jul 07, 2015
, the new samsung Universe J7 and J5 is front-facing 5000000 me

   Taking photographs, the new samsung Universe J7 and J5 is front-facing 5000000 mega-pixel digicam, can catch the more details, alone to join the top side can carry take lighter as the meizu mx4 procomplete mild effect. In addition, a 120 - degree extensive Position digicam and large aperture on the one side, can receive more landscapes, while allowing more mild to enter, for the love of adolescents take provides a clear, extensive Position, color, shiny high color value.    Software, facial features, beautiful skin, expand eyes, slim face) and side take operate make the photo encounter to the next level.

 But as far as the Universe of J7 provided functions, clearing system and APP recurring data, open the power saving method and turn off since the release of some programs and use McAfee kernel operate such meizu m1as checking harmful content is very practical. 
   Efficient aspects, the new samsung Universe J7 also wide support for automatic, expert, spectacular digicam, capture, houses, activity, sound film, the design, such as the muscle can choose for different circumstances. Professional method can be modified by the ISO, visibility and white balance, etc.; Take a look at a example of the back digicam efficiency.
   And the top side part of the new samsung Universe J7 to break the "average" and "tall" according to the hurdle between, carry brand-new shiny autodyne encounter, also specially engineered for the front-facingmeizu m1 note digicam signed up with the design as the complete mild, whether it is a long long-term complete mild is normally on display will take efficiency can effectively improve dark conditions.