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Business 208 views Jul 06, 2015
New range 15 HP key-board area anodic corrosion area must be

  Rotor aspect of the special style can say is the most impressive place 15 HP new ENVY, there are few like new range 15 processing base section style. Closed display stylish ENVY 15meizu mx3
meizu mx4 overall appearance and experience is very simple, but when the display opens a base aspect raises the fuselage and be stents, which not only makes laptops computer key-board area Angle presents the style of human whole body technological innovation, padding at the bottom of the fuselage set aside space can better meet the demand of heat dissipation.
  New range 15 HP key-board area anodic corrosion area must be sensation, provide a individual experience very fresh clean sensation, is not simple to scratch is not simple to stain the finger marks, anodic aluminum oxidemeizu mx4 pro metal color represents the come back of the real sensation, provide a individual to come back uncut jade to put in the sensation of calm, this is now to be able to stand out in laptop style trends to publicity, is relatively rare.
  New range 15 key-board important factors volume is not large, but the key process control is very excellent, the important factors are elastic, overall responsive sensation perfectly. In addition, the outer lining area of important factors used class skin paint covering, so have a excellent touch hand, if the key cap can have certain of concave arc area, meizu m1to experience joint hand stomach of human whole body technological innovation style, believe that the use of the overall sensation will be better.