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Business 173 views Jul 05, 2015
The HTC One M9 + because of the detail of area digicam

   Is such simple, HTC One M9 back digicam is 20 thousand p, common scrapbook inside although there are all types of style, but also is delayed for some of the content handling images. Perhaps to make up for only a digicam dull sensation, the HTC One M9 and other similar type of picture method, the customer can later included a "background blur" method. Therefore, is in the picture, including qualifications cloud impact by the software, the causing a picture qualifications cloud is very apparent.

   Taking photographs of different, in fact, more is to play different, the picture quality is a little distinction. Although I also want to go out to take some images, but given China released super yellow-colored caution, nowadays from manufactured started to have a piece of black outside, so a few images from the internal can straight show the variations in the two product images. 
   Observe that when using qualifications cloud method, the customer's concentrate is regarded to be "outlook", picture once produced, cannot be modified, the customer must be taken when the touch-screen concentrate can have perfect impact.
   The HTC One M9 + because of the detail of area digicam, so in picture method The HTC One M9 + because of the detail of area digicamhas not been the "background blur" choice, but you can see in the user interface "slice to dual lens" symbol. Capture the images are not under the method of dual lens 20 thousand p, but 5.3 thousand p.