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Business 192 views Jul 05, 2015
above the primary digicam with a from HTC One M8 carries on do

  But the two cameras is no different on other factors,meizu mx5 pro F2.2 aperture, 27.8 mm wide, auto-focus, 4 k video, dual shade display light, these are all reliable.

   Fuselage of card port, the key style we probably it is good to look at, because on the style of the fuselage around, there is no distinction between two cellular phones are completely. The fuselage at the top of the dark areacheap meizu mx5 is infra-red, two cellular phones can be used as a distant device to use. But this function for customers now should not too common, I also only in the home air conditioner distant device battery power would think of using a cell phone to save a individual.
   Returning the distinction of apparent, digicam even acting is different. HTC One M9 don't know why the primary digicam changes to a rectangle, with the past years of round style has a considerably different. HTC One M9 + and the primary digicam returning to the unique round, and above the primary digicam with a from HTC One M8 carries on down to the detail of area of digicam, buy meizu mx5the number is 2 thousand. 
   Overall look, the two cellular phones is basically the same, actually are steel fuselage, gold edition also is dual shade steel style. Overall look of the different primary comes from the components, perhaps only the form of the digicam is really modified from the visual Position.

Tags: #HTC ONE M8