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Business 203 views Jul 02, 2015
glory and select to completely support baidu to Pay

If you take a close look, you will find it is actually the finger marks identification component on the steel fuselage sag down a piece of it. What are the key benefits of this design? My knowing is delicateoppo phones to recognize more easily, reduce plenty of duration of the finger marks access simultaneously. Because there is no steel band means that finger marks identification of the contact area will be larger.
  Wonder from the point of information offered by huawei, 7 of finger marks identification using the FPC the second creation of finger marks identification processor alternatives, and improve the finger marks identification criteria, the quickest only 0.5 a few moments. From my working encounter, glory 7 access under a new finger marks time only media 5, 8 aoppo phone few moments time, is very quick.
  If it is used to open up, rate and probably you go straight to media the power key shiny display similar rate, and can open up the display out situation. IPhone, according to the finger marks identificationoppo smartphone is often reviled 6 with too long is not eager, but glory 7 May not have this problem, because it USES a exclusive finger marks self-learning criteria, can be used more and more delicate. This is not a few months frame we can encounter, but want to respect such a big company, or a reliable.
  Wonder if a secure is just a simple solution, I think we will not bring out alone, actually, response the cellphone, it can also be used to pay off the alert, picture, etc. Develop our Apple company and Apple company with Pay,oppo find 5 glory and select to completely support baidu to Pay, Pay value to Pay, WeChat Pay - this should cover most of the widely used cell cellphone party payment!

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