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Business 249 views Jul 02, 2015
Original: a miracle key perceptive soul

 In fact wonder 7 the greatest selling feature of this productoppo find 5 is on the left side of the fuselage of perceptive soul connection, then we'll see how this small control buttons can recognize the operate of.
  Intellectual soul key function method has a just click, double-click, and according to the three lengthy, and every kind of working method can recognize the operate of the is different and can be personalized. Here mainly talk about double-click and lengthy media, under the standard Configurations, double-click the perceptive soul key can start the field brilliant operate. oppo smartphoneScene intellect represents according to the evaluators use surfing around routines and access particular information, given a particular time period every day to emphasize, such as "prompt", item types, such as flight resort used by the weather, and so on aspect of the train,
  Long media perceptive soul can start wonder 7 conversation management operate, the customer requirement for the cell phone to say their wonder 7 basic will quickly provide precise reviews. With general conversation helps,oppo phone wonder conversation management can immediate customer requirement factor, such as "' correspondence to so-and-so" not only started out the WeChat, can also immediate WeChat modifying user interface with this person, don't need the users themselves to key again.

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