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Business 183 views Jul 01, 2015
HP Top level x2 1011 G1 by finger marks identification technol

  Moreover to efficiency and disturbance efficiency, guarantees the information protection is another big office device components. HP Top level x2 1011 G1 by finger marks identification technological innovation oppo smartphoneto secure private information comfort, even if the device is missing, the other individual also cannot accessibility inner information of the device.

  Use HP Top level x2 1011 G1, in the evening the disturbance mainly comes from two factors, one is the laptop key-board on the disturbance, the other is internal fuselage breeze disturbance when operating.oppo phones If inappropriate control of disturbance, will also impact the family sleep.
  Reviews power is average, the platform of the laptop key-board important factors style key journey short, pushing procedure disturbance is less, so long as there is about 1 gauge range, to the individual next to it almost not affected oppo phoneby the laptop key-board disturbance.
  Although the processer Primary M formal stated that don't need a fan to chill, but in the past the realistic assessments, since there is no fan, many Primary M product high temperature were more serious, so HP in the back of the fuselage Top level x2 1011 G1 fan style, but the breeze disturbance is unavoidable. At evening, in the procedure of use product fan is mostly in the operating state, but it seems as though HP for fan set a reduced rate, so no matter for what kind of function, the disturbance of the fan is not large, but as the owner, in a basic atmosphere is also very easy to listen to.

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