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Business 194 views Jun 26, 2015
every morning hours full of away and generally 5-6 PM lack of

   In my view, gionee M5 while large built a 6020 mah battery power, but also compromise a lot of design, such as high solidity battery power due to the body a little bit large, screen quality to reduce its power intakeoppo phone remains at 720 p, but these are still long range cellular cellphone to stop you, big battery power is still the most simple and raw way to fix this problem. Experience with the use of mobile mobile phones, efficient machine stand by length, gionee M5 is the ideal choice,  but 6020 mah battery power as gionee say really short is two times often is 4 times
   Before examining gionee M5, the writer USES the iPhone6, as cellular cellphone business manager, the writer cellular cellphone customers is also a large customers, every morning hours full of away and generally 5-6 PM lack of cellular cellphone oppo phonesstarted to tip, if you don't cost basic until the end of the night. Mobile cellphone use routines is simpler, sweep weibo, group of buddies and zhihu, news is more, don't love viewing video recording on mobile mobile phones, open the App number 10 or so a day.  oppo find 5 Thought lifestyle as customers pain points of the effect is not very big, but gionee M5, many buddies are asking around, looks like the beat of the smartphone cost a day did struggling a lot of people.