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Business 213 views Jun 25, 2015
in the part of technical qualities and EOS 5 d3 keep the same

   we in the use of EOS 5 ds/ds R does have a certain problems, that is how to fit the lens. We found a lot of lens is really difficult to fulfill the "monster" great pixel use need, the new fuselage want to playoppo mobile well the efficiency of the fuselage, high-quality lens is important. But luckily, the Cannon of the new group of L sequence lens has outstanding visual great quality, and variation is a new creation of Cannon great pixel design is no problem. As for a lot of old contacts, although they are hard to fulfill the needs of the new airframe, but it's real that new let old lens have better great quality efficiency (lens hello digicam or digicam hello lens this subject, we alone after published details), so the new fuselage great pixel or reveals the value of it. While having the old lens customers, actually also need not fear too much.
    In conclusion, a new Cannon EOS 5 ds is a design for the excellence of picture, great pixel,oppo mobiles outstanding patience efficiency are extensive. It can be said that the efficiency of low feeling of great quality is the digital camera's desire of, beginning in the design and new better accomplish this objective. High pixel personality let its similar with many method structure digicam become professional photography use new highly effective competitors; For professional photographers xinji is definitely can successfully fulfill the needs of "MAO accused", outstanding systematic power believe can entice a lot of professional photographers of all age groups.
    Cost, new price at RMB 220000 to 220000 yuan, for this place is greater than 5 d3 EOS design is involved, the digital camera's picture great quality is better, while in the part of technical qualities and EOS 5 d3 keep the same level. Therefore, oppo mobile phonein order to more p to pay more than the EOS 5 d3 expense is appropriate. So, if you are a desire of excellence great quality efficiency of digicam customers, the Cannon EOS 5 ds/ds R is not to be skipped.

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