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Business 175 views Jun 24, 2015
EOS 5 ds/ds R fuselage interface has very outstanding assistanc

Next, let's take a look at the digicam more information of the design and work performance, to get the EOS 5 ds/ds R, the biggest feeling is the fuselage protecting change obviously, while in the Rule of fuselage protecting before can obviously encounter the fuselage feeling of metal, and the new protecting is the feeling of the information. Actually this kind oppo mobileof change from the past EOS 7 d Indicate II has revealed up, the benefits of new part are disarmed hold, even during the cool months months season also won't because the electronic digital camera's metal fuselage and encounter obvious cool feeling, can be said to be an benefits on the important points.
   Fuselage LOGO is one of the features of new digicam, EOS 5 ds used the gold protecting, the impact of amazing before actually does not see more, only on the EOS 550 d chan fit edition seen (EOS 60 da is amazing, but only 60 da part is amazing, EOS is the silver), oppo mobilesamazing LOGO also shows that the EOS 5 ds in the 5 d series of innovative level place. Moreover, EOS 5 ds R is gold protecting, R part in red highlight. In LOGO design is a very exclusive two electronic cameras.
   Fuselage interface, used as a outstanding cooperation can the professional electronic photography digicam, EOS 5 ds/ds R fuselage interface has very outstanding assistance for all types of show, from the hot footwear on the top of the device, to the show on the fuselage international airport terminal interface is from soup to nut products. Moreover, the information transferring interface using USB 3.0 interface,oppo mobile phone can well are qualified of the use of electronic photography fans and announce to the transferring rate.

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