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Business 181 views Jun 22, 2015
the iPhone 6 A8 + M8 coprocessor is implemented, the A8 process

  It follow effective Krait the processor processor 400 structure, made of 28 nm procedure energy intake is greater, the GPU for Adreno 330, operating regularity is restricted to the highest possible 330 hz,oppo phones is the conventional of each product leading android operating system last year.
   While the iPhone 6 A8 + M8 coprocessor is implemented, the A8 processor in comparison A7 shrank by 13%, the amount of 13%, its USES 2 billion dollars transistor (compared with the 1 billion dollars double) A7, 20 nanometers procedure (A7 28 nm), design processor processor efficiency improve of 50%. M8 coprocessor, moreover to the selection from the gyroscope, oppo phoneaccelerometer and route details such as receptors, also will gather details from new stress indicator.
  Philips I999's benefits can be found in the variety, the back 3000 mah battery energy potential already a lot greater than the iPhone 6 1810 mah battery energy, plus the XPower Technical arc technological innovation, from us for the analyze run, still a excellent life. While the iPhone 6 as everybody knows, itself potential is restricted, not energy preserving control. Can say, pay interest to the entrepreneurs select philips cell phone stand by I999 is excellent.
  Has always been a variety of strong points, moreover to philips I999 settings leading, picture efficiency is excellent also, enhance the operate of the system under the start again, also can yet be considered as a aggressive item. oppo smartphoneThe apple company iPhone or the iPhone, the iPhone 6 efficiency is still complete, just because the different item placement, company customers we suggest philips I999.

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