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Business 198 views Jun 22, 2015
IOS but this nearly a year we say too much too much, becaus

   IOS but this nearly a year we say too much too much, because of its exclusive the actual criteria, oppo mobilethe os does not currently need 2 gb or 3 gb of RAM, in the current or 1 gb of storage and dual-core processer components settings, it can also sleek operating, and large 3 d activities also will be good.

   Like most of the android working system finger marks device, finger marks identification is restricted to open up, currently on the philips I999 iPhone 6 does not assistance transaction at home, with much more, that is, ACTS as a security password secure.oppo mobiles I999 finger marks access is simple and practical, the identification precision and can be acceptable, and the identification of different route can also be perfectly recognized.
   It also implemented the new XPower Technical arc technological innovation, which USES brilliant picture handling marketing criteria control the GPU power consumption; According to formal numbers, the common power benefits of up to 28.6% when enjoying with the big activities, preserve power by a normal of 8.9% when the GPS routing, web browsing, preserve power by a normal of 29.2%. oppo mobile phoneSix is not an the apple company iPhone, delay for iOS 9 formally force, new power preserving technological innovation is only able to help on the reasons for the exclusive preserve power for one hour.

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