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Business 186 views Jun 18, 2015
P8max is beyond huawei P8 difference option,

   Vellamo by Qualcomm, Qualcomm designed a benchmarking application, it can let you to analyze the efficiency and balance of the cellular web browser, such as Coffee program efficiency, making, social media, meizu m2 noteand customer interface, etc. The result of the device also contains several items, but we only take quality, the greater the ranking is cell cellphone, the greater the level of the marketing of the web browser web surfing around encounter is better. From the point of analyze results, huawei P8max did well in this respect.
   Huawei P sequence has been the main fashion business, from the early excessive slim P6 huawei huawei P8 so far, and huawei P8max, form change will have to give a person glow at this time. Huawei P8 to our emotions are required to P7meizu crushing update, and the 6.8 -inch show P8max is a enjoyable shock.
   In addition to follow P8 outstanding steel structure and slim form, it delivers us the show at the same time also did not forget to be a part of the divided show encounter on os, to bring customers really outstanding household cell cellphone encounter. P8max is beyond huawei P8 difference option, if you are used to 5 inches show cell cellphone relaxed one-handed function encounter,meizu m2 note so huawei P8 is a good choice; If you want to or as household encounter, choose P8max not wrong. A dual leading, and one large and one small in new samsung, apple is currently only huawei P8 and P8max.

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