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Business 188 views Jun 18, 2015
P8max again outside P8, take a look at several years down the

   We P8max household benefits can be separated into three categories:meizu mx5 landscapes separated display strategy, enjoyment and activity enjoying encounter.
Apple in iPhone6 Plus any completed up with the globally amazing strategy operate, P8max use more thoroughly to the display, not only to support the globally landscapes, double represents glide from the Home key can also get into the separated display display. Scenery strategy can better display the PDF records, made it possible for greater opinions space, it is a pity that huawei does not provide a individual operate similar to the laptop key-board. About the separated display in the UI is provided in details,meizu mx 5 also big emphasize the key benefits of the separated display, it easier to handle several projects.

   Don't question why huawei released P8max again outside P8, take a look at several years down the bad numbers and the iPhone 6 Plus offers, look like supersized mobile mobile mobile phones are changing dish towards the design of one machine can combine. Huawei P8max acquired unmatched 6.8 inches extensive comprehensive extensive, reading dimension beyond the Kindle, practical encounter, better than the pictures on 13 million p and also have a digicam. As the smart phone monster wolfed down journals, books, side hand hand calculators, mobile yellow pages, routine, and watches, exposed by P8max look like supersized mobile mobile mobile phones is slurping in digital cameras, activity enjoying techniques, pcs (Pad).
   Can't, e-mails (phone calls, written text messaging) has already been complicated for second line operate, cell mobile cellphone has already started around the versatility (form) and interesting. The growth of huawei P8max notice meziu mx5 reiviewdimension also provides natural attributes: extended to 4360 mah battery power pack capacity; 6.8 inches extensive comprehensive extensive full 1080 p hd movie perspective, followed by a great activity and movie encounter.