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Business 165 views Jun 17, 2015
the cell cellphone can be used after the hand, without movie to

   Its pre - 5 thousand p lens style at the right part of the recipient, the digicam on the remaining part of the indicator gap. His wonder and the past creation, X2 or three android operating system routing keymeizu m2 note in the display style, come back key in the remaining, the Home key in the center, on the right part is the multi-tasking selection. Glory X2 display is large enough, the routing key style display, so that we can let the fuselage is more lightweight, function experience is actually quite good.
   Glory X2 power key and quantity control buttons are developed in the cell cellphone on the right part of the boundaries, and metal metal content, but the overall key reviews in common. And its two credit cards port is meizu m1 notedeveloped in the right part of the boundary, is the most rely on the new ipod nano CARDS and SD and or prevent the oneness of the credit cards port, the end is a frequent SIM credit cards port.

 Huawei respect X2 overall look has certain change, evaluate to the past creation is not only more sparkling wine silver shade. Like huawei P8, wonder X2 is also a manufacturer will bring the paster, this is a more romantic style, because the cell cellphone can be used after the hand, without movie to secure all the display. It implemented the positive "without borders" style onmeizu m1 the perspective, display rate achieved 80%, just after the shiny display black part is more apparent.