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Business 175 views Jun 16, 2015
vivo X5Max jewellery edition, can be said to be the product pe

   Vellamo by Qualcomm, Qualcomm developed a benchmarking systemmeizu mx 5 (similar to Neocore), it can let you to evaluate the performance and balance of the mobile web web browser, such as Coffee system performance, making, social media, and interface, etc. The result of the tool also includes multiple items, but we only take grade, the higher the score is mobile cellphone, the higher the degree of the optimization of the web web browser web browsing experience is better.
   Vellamo as a mobile web tools scale, has now extended to include two main sections. HTML 5 element can be used to evaluate performance of mobile web internet explorer, and Metal element for mobile processer snacks CPU subsystem of performance figure. Test package by clicking on the box, convenient and quick, manage element, Vellamo to search to zoom capability, meziu mx5 reiview3 d design, video performance, write and read storage space, bandwith useage in many aspects, such as peak performance evaluation.
   Vivo X5Max jewellery edition of overall performance is excellent, in comparison to in vivo X5Pro kept in storage space and battery power pack capacity are promoted, the large volume of 4150 mah battery power pack, combined with its system and energy saving brought excellent battery power pack for the whole system. Although in contrast to vivo X5Pro fuselage a little bit dense, meizu mx5 specsbut the size of 7.29 mm of the fuselage is still a excellent performance in the current smartphone, excellent body feel in vivo X5Max jewellery edition, can be said to be the product performance, range, appearance is very excellent balance.

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