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Business 175 views Jun 15, 2015
In city channels climbing down rate can reach 16.7 Megabyte pe

 Through the actual analyze we can see, asus ZenFone 2 in three analyze points meizu mx4 are relatively constant 4 g alerts can be obtained. In city channels climbing down rate can reach 16.7 Megabyte per second, outdoor is higher at about 28.9 Megabyte per second, except during the down to train, did not appear to leap the position of the 3 g or a program connection, program linking balance is good.
   Before we had obtained the user's concept, said asustek ZenFone 2 show lighting black, even to the biggest lighting looked not so shiny, the writer also the corresponding field capturing.
   Can see in the shiny sunshine, asus ZenFone 2 show content show impact is really black, in contrast to the iPHone 6 next to compare sent a little. Shooting again and get the colour displays, two mobile phones show lighting is generally low. meizu mx3 Here, asus ZenFone 2 built-in Z3580 Apple processer has unique in energy management means, will be on the assumption of assurance the show display impact as far as possible to save energy consumption, although a little black as opposed to show but also extend the life.
   The Android operating program 5.0 interface has been customer concern, asus ZenFone 2 is also carrying meizu m1the Android operating program 5.0 program. After the update of the program the writer downloadable some popular trip, hand in the game and see how the software interface.

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