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Business 158 views Jun 11, 2015
Excellent fit, nice styling, full access to ports and control

I had purchased several inexpensive TPU cases for previous phones in recent past,meizu order online until I purchases a Cruzerlite for my previous M7. Now I don't think I'll be buying anything else for my M8 now. It feels great to get it right on the first try. Just as the case for my M7, the new case for the M8 fits perfectly, the cutouts are placed perfectly and beveled just right, and is easy to install or remove without ruining the shape or stretching/warping it.
   The TPU is high quality and thin while thick enough to still provide protection. The clear version allows the new gold color of my M8 to shine through. I'll try to add a couple photos if I can. I still may get other colors, as I liked to have the option to change the color on my M7 depending on my mood. I also love the TPU material. Cruzerlite left the sides as fullymeizu mobile online transparent with the glossy finish, which provides excellent grip for your fingers. While being grippy for your fingers, the TPU isn't "sticky" to clothing. This allows the phone to be slipped in/out of a pocket with no added resistance or bulk. It is also semi-rigid, so it won't gap or stand off from the phone.

  The biggest problem I had with other brand TPU cases is that most of them would gap or stretch, causing issues with microphones, ports, and even the camera when using the flash. I've had NONE of these issues with any of the Cruzerlite TPU meizu m2 notecases for my M7 or M8. A nice added feature is how well the case wraps around the face of the phone. It acts as a raised rim bezel, providing protection to the screen. The ridge/rim is a little thicker than a standard debit/credit card, so it will more than likely protect your screen (or screen protector) from dirt, sand, or other things that could potentially scratch the front surface of your phone.