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Business 225 views Jun 10, 2015
Excellent Product --- Now I can get rid of my Desktop laptop

  I went to the Microsof company Shop after observe all the microsoft advertisements. I was reluctant as I had formerly modified my desktop desktop laptop computer or computer to Microsof company windows 8 and what a stress as I had to understand something new and different. I really liked the Microsof company windows Area at the MS Shop though --- Microsof company windows 8 was truly made for a tablet but the Area ran Microsof company windows RT and if I reduce my desktop then meizu mobile onlineI would not be able to use my Microsof company windows applications (Quicken, etc)with the Area. The Microsof company Rep informed me that the Area Pro was on the way but would think about 2lbs and have a short battery power. No thanks.

  I came house and did some analysis and discovered the Asus Vivotab Intelligent which amazingly ran full Microsof company windows 8 on an Apple Atom processer. I was again reluctant as I had a minilaptop computer with an Atom processer years ago and it was slowly. But the opinions were great on the Asus Vivotab Intelligent. So I purchased it along with the protect and key-board.

  Activity battery charger. Its very quickly and smooth. Performs films without a problem. The system is as quick as my sight can observe the display and fingertips can run. Microsof company windows 8 is strange on a desktop but is by far the best tablet OS going. I liked my Ipad and wifes Andriod phone but they were toys and games to a certain level. This has all the same functions except that Microsof company windows 8 is more user-friendly as a tablet than the Ipad and Android operating system.

 Definitely a lifestyle enhancing system for me. I have to give up my office with the appearance of a child boy. I fretted about this as I love my analysis but I really like my pc in the analysis. My sensible spouse recommended buy meizu cell phoneI use one of our current laptops instead --- a no go for me. If I am seated at a table then I don't want to be on a laptop computer on the other hand for cellular use I am not a fan of laptops due to the weight and battery power.