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Business 188 views May 31, 2015
The volume toggle is on the left side of the Ally

  The volume toggle is on the left side of the Ally. cheap meizu m1 noteIt protrudes from the side of the phone just enough. Travel and feedback were good. The hatch covering the microUSB port is below it. The microSD slot is found on the right side under a hatch that peels off easily. The two-stage camera key is lodged into the standard camera key spot on the right side of the Ally. The two stages are poorly defined. The difference is so subtle, it will be easy to fire off a picture without giving the autofocus a chance to do its job.

  There is a 3.5mm headset jack on the top of the phone, meaning it can be used with any standard pair of stereo headphones.

  To my eyes, the hardware screams "feature phone" and not Android phone.meizu mobile phone But you may not care about that.

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