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Business 230 views May 28, 2015
The LG Spirit might trick people into believing it

 The LG Spirit might trick peoplemeizu cheap into believing it is a high-end smartphone. Rather than stick with boring blacks, LG gave the Spirit a wee bit of personality with silver and gray hues. Coupled with an impressive screen and good build quality, it delivers a good first impression.

  The Spirit is a monoblock slab with average dimensions. It isn't too big, nor too small; it lands about in the middle. The front face is black, of course, but it is surrounded by a silvery plastic frame that helps define its size and shape.
   This frame encompasses both sides of the Spirit, but the top and bottom edges are capped offmeizu mx3 with a polished chrome surface that is reflective. It's a nice touch. The back surface is a darker gray material that has a dimpled pattern. The camera module protrudes a few hair-widths from the back surface. It has a silver ring around it that makes it stand out.

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