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Business 189 views May 25, 2015
Excellent Starter Smart Phone! for LG 90 mobile phone

 Take some time and explore it and get to know how to use your side buttons.oppomobilephone Even though it has a double tap feature to turn the screen on/off, I wouldn't ever recommend actually using that feature only because you could probably destroy your phone this way fairly quickly.
   The memory is only 4GB internally, but you can upgrade your memory with a microSD card. I put a 16GB one in, and this is more then enough for me. I don't use a lot of apps, so I don't need a phone with a ton of storage.
The battery life is great (I find LG's to always last awhile#. I have had this phone now for four months, and charge it full every 3rd day. If you are using your apps all day, then of course your battery is going to drain quicker, that is with every single smart phone, not specific to this model. Remember this is like a little computer, so you should shut down and restart once a day as well. Also, make sure to close your browser tabs out completely, or this will still run in a process on your phone draining your battery quicker.
  The front camera isn't that great at 2mp, the back camera is better at 5mp. meizu mx4 pro I have taken some decent photos with this.
The screens are extremely simple to use, and much better then far more advanced phones. The navigation buttons are fixed at the bottom, so if you ever get lost, you hit that button in the middle and return back to your main screen.