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Business 256 views May 10, 2015
People will comment on your thin phone

Amazing price for what you get. This is a beautiful sleek feather-like device, the build quality is just fantastic. I got it in black, but I imagine white color would be even more attention grabbing. I am coming from Galaxy S3 (T999 with 2 Gb of RAM) and Vivo Air still feels like a relatively significant upgrade.
  The quality of the screen is on par with Galaxy S3 (and S4 as I am comparing to my coworker's phones), Air's screen feels brighter and has a cooler tone, my S3 screen turned too warm after nearly two years. Air's 1280x720 screen resolution and 306 ppi pixel density are very sufficient for its size and for prolonging the battery life. Air's screen is SuperAMOLED technology, which gives the blackest blacks and bright, saturated colors, however, all AMOLED screens are barely visible in direct sunlight. If visibility under direct sunlight is important, go with IPS screens.
   ir's form factor and the light weight are much better than S3. Air is a more attractive device. Air has WAY better cell reception including WiFi. My S3 after some update developed an issue of telling me that "your connection is unstable" every 5 minutes and barely ever had half a bar indoors. S3 would also faint unless situated within a foot of a WiFi router. Air's modem seems solid and has a wider range. The quality of Air's sound seems comparable to S3 T999 (also through the headphones). Air's camera is corresponding to S3 in bright light, but appears to have more noise in low light. Air's flash is strong and tends to wash out the images taken within a close distance. In the native Air's camera app, it is possible to tap on the screen to tell the phone precisely where to focus and to separate areas of focus and metering by holding on the square and moving the yellow circle out of it elsewhere. Very cool feature and it will help to get exposure right and to avoid blown sky.
Air is not my DSLR or Fiio music player with Wolson DAC, but it is reasonable for a phone. I use Rocket player app on Air and I enabled the 10 band equalizer to open up the sound more. Air's sound volume when you hold the phone to your ear on a call is sufficient even in the car but appears to be not very loud. I see no way to bump the ear speaker volume in accessibility settings. On the call volume is very loud through the headphones. I had an issue with some extraneous noise while listening to the stored music on Air through the earphones when the phone was simultaneously plugged in to charge with some chargers. It appears that the super slim body does not have the greatest shielding.
  Air's ambient light sensor appears to be on the back of the device, which seemingly renders auto brightness screen adjustment rather flickery. I found I prefer screen brightness set manually.