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Business 211 views May 07, 2015
The phone comes with 32 GB of memory the lg 2

 I purchased this phone directly from T-Mobile so I cannot speak to this seller. However, I am very happy with this cellphone. There appear to be a number of tiers of cellphones. The cheapest are limited in many ways, little memory, small pixel count cameras with no stabilization, a slow processor and a screen lacking in size and clarity. This phone has none of these problems. It has a 13 Megapixel backside primary camera with optical image stabilization, an ultrasharp 1080p display in a 5.2 inch form factor with 423 pixels per inch, on the front is a 2.1 Megapixel camera. Since the power button is on the back, (also the volume buttons) LG added a knock on feature which wakens the phone from its sleep state which is enabled by a quick two tap on the screen. Sometimes this can take a few tries.

  I haven't had an significant problem with this. The phone comes with 32 GB of memory, no complaints with that by me. No SD Card slot. This is a minor irritant but this is offset by the phenomenal battery life, with a 3000 MAh battery this phone lasts 2 1/2 days for me. It also has a fast charger which charged it from 20% to 100% in less than 3 hours. The only other negative for me is this phone does not support conference calling. I have put in a request for this feature in the next firmware update to T-Mobile support and LG support. We will see.

  I also like the IR remote software. It has a long list of compatible devices it can work with and it can learn from a remote if it isn't directly supported too. I have just implemented my TV and Verizon remote. This has the fastest mobile processor too, an Snapdragon 800 Quadcore 2.26 GHz. It is WiFi hotspot capable but that depends on your plan with your provider. I haven't use all the features of the phone yet, but I am very happy with this phone.

  The T-Mobile version does not come with an SD card slot. The international version does but also reduces the battery size to make space for the SD Card slot. I think this was a very good trade. With the T-Mobile bloatware, I had about 24 MB of available space for any apps I might want to put on this phone or to store photos, video and documents on it. Get the quickwindow case, it enables some of the additional features of this phone, i.e., analog clock, digital clock with weather and access to the music player. The OEM quickwindow case I received from T-Mobile provides good protection for the phone including coverage of the corners which is critical IMHO.

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