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Business 175 views May 05, 2015
ouble card mobile phone HTC D820t 820 t mobile 4 g, good idea o

  Very surprise, the baby is unopened, landing website inspection is really machine, a lot of gifts are very practical, very satisfied,

   Really good seller, HTC is good too. Beautiful appearance, smooth running, all say good HTC optimization, used to know this remark is not false.

  Machine response quickly, very smooth, the screen while there is no level of 1080, but also can't see the pixels, almost to the naked eye look very clear is very exquisite. HTC's giant quality is guaranteed!

  Mobile phone him, very good. Feel the battery is not durable, don't know if it because the 4 g network. Parts cut card cannot be used, the inside is oblique, direct I pick up the scissors. The headset gloomy. But is sent, also understand.

  Mobile phone is the real thing, I feel good with it, send a lot of things, also a pile of useless, no headphones dustproof plug feeling a little regret.