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Business 183 views May 04, 2015
double card double stay, priority assessment,Meizu mx3 underta

 Use a few several weeks framework, to desire, energy intake is very quick, open returning protected is not excellent, it is said that battery power pack energy can't change, want to use time lengthy hug, don't know how to fix this issue, feeling the meizu do many of the style a little out of place, make of too alternative.

 Mobile cellular cellphone really excellent, I also seen other customers opinions, said what all kinds of problems, and I really did not have met, is the same, S/N is also the first question, and successfully accepted, cellular mobile cellphone like, a creation program, leading, the program is sleek.

 Service: satisfied, thank you

Me additional assessment, although invoice and have not sent me a red package, but the product is excellent, energy key of the quantity key for more opinions, key and returning protected fit, style excellent the temple, no issue, the display designs for m353, zhuhai the exclusive manufacturer production, the display is exclusive, should be, are all satisfied, although battery power pack energy is not big, but can be used for way a lengthy time is excellent, anyway I loaded a day, as a student, always play with cellular mobile cell mobile phones, excellent enough. Sweep the 4.2.6 program, is not new, but this edition of the excellent improve, is worth a try.

Watch for a few several weeks framework to order. MX3 cellular mobile cellphone overall look did not have to say, the super filter framework excessive beauty, reveals excellent impact. Issue the battery's cost, cost going off, photo impact is not going well, meizu program efficiency is not very excellent, want to have tolerance to improve. Really quick action, two times came, unicom is the edition, the box is really simple, simple, just let it be.

Everything was fine, before use is meizu is the the real guy don't have words, display two times, day cat reveals the distribution is a action after 10 hours, the last cellular cellphone is used program agreement program yourself.

Influenced by three energy intake too quick, the recipient sound is very small

Buy mx3 black 32 gb, is quality products trading, source distribution mind-set is excellent, the cost of 1199 and excellent performance-price rate.