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Business 222 views Apr 28, 2015
Moto turbine fast Charge is based on qualcomm Quick at 2.0

Insufficient ideal, the domestic mobile phone of various solutions are also given the same: make full use of fragmented time quick charge. So the Moto X Pro also adopted turbine fast charge function. After understanding, we can know the Moto turbine Quick Charge is based on qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, by increasing the voltage and current, to achieve the effect of Quick Charge. Official propaganda charging 15 minutes can bring six hours of electricity (of course the standby time is 6 hours theory), we also charge for Moto X Pro rate were tested, can be divided into 15 minute charging speed and 0-100% charge.

   Although now a lot of camera phones in the pursuit to the function of perfection, the author thinks that for the average user, camera phones photos should be divided into the process and results of two parts. Photo process if tedious, even piece quality is very high, also will let ordinary lose patience. So in this section, we will according to the experience and the last samples to comprehensive comparison of the two phones camera. First of all, we compare the two lens hardware configuration:

  From the point of hardware, Moto X Pro took the very mainstream IMX214 sensor, the camera pixels, aperture parameters on the slightly better than iPhone6 plus, both support OIS optical image stabilization.

   Camera, iPhone has always been to provide only the most basic function, can't adjust any photo parameter, apple, of course, powerful software optimization ability provides a solid foundation. And Moto X Pro photo interface is concise, native android camera interface, provide only size selection, flash, HDR basis functions. Both in terms of function and does not provide too many optional features.