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Business 209 views Apr 27, 2015
Yan value users, deficiencies, please understanding

  Some may focus on mobile phone summary and evaluation, so I today is to bring you to the development of mobile phone.

  Battery: a day without a charge:

   In battery technology has no substantive breakthrough, equipped with large capacity of the battery is the most direct way of improving life experience. Yan phones equipped with 3000 mah battery, relative to a 5.5 -inch screen is not big, but the comprehensive life experience is brought us a pleasant surprise, watching video, play games, surf the Internet to brush weibo and poisoning use time more than 12 hours later, there are still more than 40% power. At the same time support 9 v1. 2 a rapid charging technology, after the test, power can reach more than 50% in 30 minutes.

 Performance and evaluation summary:Yan value using mediatek MTK6752 + 1.7 GHz eight core processors, eight nuclear can operate at the same time use, has a strong ability of operation. Also can adjust the start the core number, according to the use of both the efficiency and energy saving effect. 3 gb of RAM + 16 gb ROM big memory configuration combination, enough to deal with daily use and requirements of various kinds of entertainment and games. As a professional evaluation, we run to has carried on the comprehensive test. But must be clear, running results are for reference only, not for the actual purchase, because the score is not equal to experience.

   Yan value phone Ann rabbit rabbit test about 42000 points, as a MTK platform for mobile phone, the result is very good. But in the practical experience, thanks to a good optimization, both games and other operations, and does not appear the phenomenon of caton.

  Mobile phones in master lu yan value evaluation under the run is 46711, based on mediatek MT6592 eight strong core processor, has gone beyond 99% users mobile phone. In HTML 5 tests, the score is 29731, and performed very well.

  Review summary: China's smartphone industry from fake go to now, already passed a simple imitation, plagiarism, to enter the competition innovation, competition strength of the stage. Not only changes in the mobile phone manufacturers, users also use habits and product taste changes. Want to win the market recognition, it is necessary to take out the strength and sincerity, to meet a good product. Yan value phone in appearance at the cost of the spell works and design, sophisticated technology and craft, in # The appearance of the attractive styles. On experiences, ease of use for detail experience and improve the degree and is not a radical hardware style, really nice.

  Conclusion may not be very good, you can log in to get to know more of the url.