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Business 169 views Apr 26, 2015
Glory chang play 4 c provides strong camera configuration

  Big display edition of the huawei P8 Max out some surprising, but it seems to be the prelude of the new item technique, huawei in consist of wonder sequence, new but also will use the same design, for the future wonder alter perform 4 c released edition of different dimension. Weibo has exposed that, wonder alter perform 4 c or there will be three editions, and the name of the ultimate will supposedly wonder will be alter perform 4 c 4 c Observe where Max. But there are also net buddy think for alter perform 4 c Max and alter 4 c edition of youngsters.

   Play, in fact, for the wonder of alter 4 c will have released three editions, more to the formal weibo after task restrict sequence of paper prints for three successive days of rumours, at that time, many netizens think the effects in wonder glory cheong perform 4 c the meeting will launch many new synchronization. Not only that, as a result of another netizen reveals a wonder alter perform 4 c and the other two item images, supposedly will be to perform with wonder alter 4 c is released with three with sequence of new products.

  Glory alter perform 4 c also provides powerful digicam settings, not only front side cameras prepared with 5 thousand p, and the primary digicam to update to 13 thousand p, with F2.0 large aperture lens and the LED display, holding the huawei unique research and growth of "think like" (2.5) IMAGESmart picture handling motor. Moreover, it also facilitates double 4 g systems, with battery power potential is 2550 mah, and signed up with the Intelligent Energy 2.5 power-saving technological innovation, can get 30% more of life than common designs.

  As for everyone involved about the cost of the cellphone, after the information is the cost of 999 yuan, primary opponents and incarnate the red mobile cellphone secure red grain sequence. Although the reliability of the concept still need to be verified, but due to the information from the European website show, this kind of wonder, new cost for 8990 European ruble, RMB 1070 or so, so the line for 999 yuan still has a certain reliability.