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Business 318 views Feb 11, 2015
Free residual injury such as a prelude to pinch This red magic gunmen showdown, was United Kingdom media irrigation Shang has "tragic", and "helpless" of words, comes this is both 16 years to first League ranking are in Qian four away, second on both sides wounded full camp, United this season total 39 passengers of injuries let van Gaal headache, arsenal or not to which to, both coach are needed one victory ease pressure gift way gunmen focused "fear magic" 20 years

After the defeat of the Gunners ' run of 12 only 17 minutes, Wenger made their worst start since the Premier League era. In fact in more than 20 years in the Premier League Manchester United have always been arsenal's nemesis, Manchester United also won once on the gunman's 2011 thing, once the most celebrated 49 game unbeaten run was ended by Manchester United against the wind the ball get bloody