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Arts & Culture 252 views Feb 10, 2015
What van Gaal laughed for at this time

fifatank What van Gaal laughed for at this time, only he know then shot to the next Assistant Ryan Giggs, Giggs was smiling, but his smile obvious taunt the umpire was wrong, because he laughed and shook his head, his mouth also talked about something. This field not knows why, Giggs mouth seems to on didn't free had, he and no chewing gum, but each lens to he, he mouth are in kept earthquake with not knows in said what, may he in pray God bless United win ball United Qian two field game are didn't win ball, this let United coach group pressure is big, in game in the van Gaal and Giggs frequently was lens alignment, two people performance of differences is big. Giggs a little tension, anxiety or poor performance in case of, kind of like David Moyes, always seemed a bit feebly slumped in the seat.