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Goals & Goal Setting 700 views Mar 25, 2015
Wildstar Gold spirit of understanding

Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma, MA Club Wildstar Gold Guangzhou evergrande Taobao investors on August 3, wrote an article entitled efforts must begin with today's children, a long essay to express themselves on the football, soccer, as well as Chinese sports culture and the spirit of understanding. Today is Sunday, I from a business perspective, to say a few words at random football, pure layman, not afraid of laughed at the good wine is not wine, strikes are not spherical. Football charm large charm but bigger, more difficult to cast. Glamour is a culture, and cultures need to value, need to hone requires extraordinary passion and frightened midshipman insists, more crucial need is time to beat a lot of people say we have 1.3 billion people in China do not form good teams of 11 people? This population did not make much difference, but it does and love and engage in the sport's ten years, cities, communities and campuses of any a slightly larger piece of land was used to build the building, real estate to make money. Can find a few football fields in urban and rural areas is as difficult as finding gold. Oh, hear people say land auction building every day, but never heard what city it was in Park and football venues ... While we were watching from a lot of people, talking ball, comment on the ball, and those who are condemning the ball more, very few people teach children to play. Buy cheap wildstar gold with fast delivery speed at Don't know how many primary and secondary schools have professional football coach? Schools should teach children the most is a real sport, athleticism, passion for sport, through football and basketball team to train the children in sport ledGuiding force, competitiveness and teamwork, but I felt almost pitiful. We teach a lot, but there is little kids. Knowledge is taught, culture is out and real cultures were play out, we want the kids to play and sport, and the kids should play like it's subject.