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Courage & Fear 502 views Mar 25, 2015
Henry is undoubtedly buy fifa coins

As the spokesman of Pro Evolution buy fifa coins Soccer European Edition, Henry is undoubtedly one of the strongest forwards in the game, his sense of attack reaches the highest level of 99. AC Milan's European Footballer of the year Andriy Shevchenko while dribbling abilities inferior to the King of Highbury, but his heading technique is more excellent than Henry. Bloodthirsty nature of Shevchenko, Devil-like Henry, the ashes of xidu, is undoubtedly the most terrible in the game's two biggest killers in the first few, Ronaldo is always the most fearsome strikers, now as much as he values have declined, especially during the last scary speed and acceleration. However, Ronnie 99 shooting accuracy and shooting skills of 97 strikers, the highest, at least in the game, he is still one of the best three strikers most overrated forwards: Vieri, Jardel. Even the most hard-core inter fans will admit that Victoria Yes cannot be compared with the year, but in the game, he is balancing 98 pickets, was inter's first Center. Jardel, in Portugal he is air master, but now he has entrenched in Ancona. His heading accuracy of 98 obviously way out of line. Because in fact sheet 8 heading ability be strengthened, the center head often become Nirvana most Valley strikers: Adriano. Inter's new King to shoot 99, he only has a value all the more remarkable, however, as the overall growth this season, the next version of Adriano will probably shock most value about striker: Martins, Farfan. Inter Milan black lightning speed, 99 faster, agile 97, A ranked game first, Obafemi Martins was inter's most efficient shooters in reality. Peru striker Farfan move to PSV Eindhoven this season, have begun preparing for the Champions League, a game in which the player needs to raise over two years to emerge, the next Ronnie's top playmaker: Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho.