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Family & Home 650 views Mar 20, 2015
campus football features Cheap wildstar gold

The overall objectives of the Cheap wildstar gold plan is that by 2016, initially built in feature of a Guangzhou youth school football development system. 2014 late qián, city established 300 by campus football project promotion school; to 2015, strive to created 25 by national campus football features school; to 2016, city established 500 by campus football project promotion school, formed 5000 support campus football team, attract 50,000 name youth students participate in levels various campus football training and race activities, strive to created 75 by Guangzhou campus football features school plans proposed, for perfect campus football race system and talent training mechanism, From September 2014, every school year, primary and secondary schools Football League, Guangzhou, perfecting Guangzhou primary school, middle school, high school (secondary school) campus three-tier League system of football. By 2015, the completed construction of Guangzhou campus football competition system, and school football competition mechanisms, national and provincial training system are connected, established the campus soccer tournament management services system, realize the macro-management of the campus football inside and outside school events and services. While, do students football learning, and training, and game and the football movement skills grade situation registration, into students integrated quality evaluation archives, Wildstar gold buy established students athletes and green training athletes registered system for advance football courses of universal, the plans proposed, Guangzhou will has plans to gradually put football basic knowledge, and basic skills and modern information into elementary and middle schools (in the vocational school) of sports courses compulsory content, and appropriate increased proportions, constantly improve football teaching quality. Starting from 2015 school year, each school football promotion fight for sections per semester each grade 4 through 6Football lesson school football schools offer football class as required, necessary to guarantee football as the main content of extracurricular sports activities.